Defilers are all that’s left in this amazon.
Life is reckoning for it cannot surpass the crypts.
It’s ailing to see that justice comes unknown
And flakes the mind where it leaves a rift.

Feed the nerves to the zenith of your master.
So proves this vile – soul is drawn!
All the necromancers desecrates this earth.
Where are all the healers to dispel this illusion?

Uncover the blindfolds that entangles your status
And the bindings that deadens your visions.
Feel the verve; don’t let your breath lose.
Fear is a tough foe one has to stomp!

Darkness is heaven; the core is unplumbed.
Soul is forgiven; now’s your resurgence!
Time’s not too far; you can still come upon.
The account is alive ‘til the bearer ceases.