Light and Fire

When the days are so lonely and the nights are so blind
You were there to comfort me, give me strength whenever I need it
Whenever we’re together, you were there to give me advice
Your love’s so tender enough I could hold it
Your touch is like that of an angel
You made my dreams come true
Oh what a dream come

You are the light and the fire
In the darkest part of my life
You are the breeze or the stream
That flows so softly in my direction
You are always there I can count on
You are the light and the fire

The lessons I’ve learned – only you are the one who taught me
And what I expected you’ve given me
When you said that you’ll be there, I’ll be there for you too
And I promise as you live in your life I will never try to fail
(Repeat Chorus)

How can I be not satisfied with what you’ve done to me?
Whenever you’re here, you were there to guide me
And now, you will be in my heart forever, forever and ever
‘Cause you are my love and no second one that I’ll ever have

(Repeat Chorus 2x)