Dome of Happiness

If only all things in the world contains pleases the Eyes
Then every wicked one would come to their senses
And the beautiful creatures be preserved at its best
No more war but love and joy will rule over life.

This should be the dome of happiness; add evil and turns darkness
The dome where the negative surpasses the primitive ones
If time be reversed or a dove be laid upon
Then the world could recover from its unending wickedness

But no! It’s impossible and I couldn’t permit
For a problem is to be solved and not to be forgotten
It’s the only way that rocks would learn their lessons
For a red-dead sinner would never stop committing it.

This is limbo and purgat’ry; next dock’s heaven or hell
You can choose when it be – the first one or the second
Think of it before the day – the worst is yet to come
For time’s so cruel that when you wake up, it’s already eleven.

Oh sigh! This is reality where the world’s so injustice
The world once perfect, now, imperfect because of bad things
But soon it’ll change; hope for a new beginning
This is the dome of darkness; add light and will be happiness.