A Walk in the Silences

The leaves have dried; an entropy is what’s been created
A flawed logic; the demise of what happens to be a supposition
Of knights and armors for protection; yet, kingdom is wasted!
And the bridge that’s linked so long ago is now broken and turned into oblivion.

Now, this whipping thought has led to quite a rollercoaster
For once what’s spoken words – they all become unrecognizable
And it kept on fluctuating or, perhaps, just waiting to be severed
So when the connection dies, the rift becomes unsurmisable.

I’d take this walk in the silences, a recollection of one’s self
Coz in this world of make-beliefs, everyone else wears a mask
And every story can be made with the price of one’s wealth
And all the lies remains hidden until the bidder’s been overpassed.

Afar is where I look into this river where it keeps still
And the beauty that remains in this picturesque of unending disarray
That as I stack the pile of dust I’ve since collected, I identified what’s real
I take this walk with me a lesson that forever be imprinted in my veins.